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SAFAKNA TURKEY – With the onset of cold weather, the time spent indoors increases. Thus, the incidence is increasing. Experts state that seasonal diseases have become less common due to the widespread use of masks in the past two years, but with normalization, the incidence will increase. Children of school age are especially often sick recently.

With health problems such as colds and flu, aches and coughs, as well as nasal congestion, can be annoying. Doctors aim to relieve people’s breathing difficulties with nasal sprays or nasal rinses. At the moment, it is possible to get rid of nasal congestion with the help of methods that you can easily apply at home.

Experts say that the nose should be washed with warm water 5-9 times a day. With this method, the nasal mucosa is moistened and the nose begins to perform its normal functions. It can be very difficult to apply this method in children.

A hot shower will soften the nasal mucosa and help get rid of nasal congestion. This method works well for children too.

If nasal congestion started after some time, despite showering and cleaning the nose, a hot water compress can be applied for this time. To do this, wash the fabric with hot water at intervals of half an hour. Apply the compress around your nose with this pad for 5 minutes.

Throw eucalyptus into hot water. Then cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam, this way you can make your inhalation more comfortable. If you don’t have eucalyptus at home, you can also apply this process with ginger.

Experts recommend drinking plenty of fluids for colds. For this reason, you need to drink plenty of water. You can also use linden, mint-lemon, thyme, chamomile teas. Adding lemon and honey to your tea will boost your immune system and make your breathing easier.

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