TikTok ban on UK ministers

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The British government is concerned that the Chinese government could access sensitive data on official devices.

Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden said the ban was a “precautionary” decision but would take effect immediately, BBC News reported.

TikTok vehemently denies claims that users have provided their data to the Chinese government.

Since December, some prominent institutions and organizations have announced that they are taking action against TikTok:

December 28: TikTok is banned from phones issued by the US House of Representatives.
December 29: Banned on all federal government devices in the US.
23 February: Directs European Commission and Council of Europe staff to remove the app from their work phones and corporate devices.
February 28: Ban on all government devices in Canada.
February 28: Ban on the use of telephones of European Parliament employees.
February 28: Danish parliament calls on politicians and employees to remove app
March 1: The White House gives government agencies 30 days to stop employees from using TikTok on federal devices.
March 9: Danish public broadcaster DR asks its employees to remove the app.

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