Today is the last day to pay property taxes.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Declarations to be submitted by taxpayers in places declared force majeure due to the February 6 Kahramanmaras earthquakes can be submitted by August 15, and taxes assessed on the basis of these declarations can be paid by August 31. Taxpayers who are subject to force majeure will be able to pay by submitting a tax return before these dates.

According to TRT Haber, income tax payers who are taxed in real terms in connection with their commercial, agricultural and professional activities will file their annual tax returns electronically.

Where will taxes be paid?

Income tax accrued on the annual income tax return due in respect of income received in 2022 will be paid in two equal installments in March and July of the current year. The first installment, together with stamp duty, must be paid by 31 March and the second installment by 31 July.

Taxpayers can pay taxes through the Interactive Tax Office and the GİB mobile application, from credit cards of contractual banks, from bank cards or bank accounts of contractual banks, from credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods of banks operating in another country, from branches of contractual banks, alternative payment channels (internet banking, phone banking, mobile banking), PTT jobs, all tax authorities.

Rental income can be used to get discounts on many items.

Taxpayers income from rental housing in the calendar year exceeds the total exemption of TL 9,500 for 2022, the gross amount of rental income subject to withholding exceeds the filing limit of TL 70,000 for 2022, deductions and exemptions from income received from the rental of goods and rights Those who are not eligible for the application and whose amount exceeds the limit of 3,800 lira for 2022 will submit an annual declaration.

Family members will prepare separate declarations on their behalf regarding the rental income they receive from the property and the rights they own.

In the declaration, if the method of actual expenses is chosen, many expenses can be used in deductions.

Lighting, heating, water and elevator costs paid by the landlord, insurance costs related to the leased property and rights, 5 percent of the purchase price of the property rented as a residence for 5 years from the year of acquisition, tax paid for leased property and rights Many items can be used as a discount in determining rental income, such as taxes, fees and goodwill, cost-sharing fees payable to municipalities, property renovation costs, and maintenance and repair costs .

Income tax payers, public administrations with general and special budgets, special provincial administrations, municipalities, villages, public benefit associations and foundations exempted from taxes by the President of the Republic will be notified of their donations and assistance in exchange for receiving, subject to that the annual total does not exceed 5 percent of income may be deductible from their income.

Education and health care expenses may also be deducted from income to be declared on an annual return, provided they do not exceed 10 percent of declared income.

Real estate and environmental clean-up tax to be paid in March-May

The first installment of the real estate and environmental clean-up tax for 2023 will be paid between March 1 and May 31.

Property tax is assessed annually by the municipality in which the property is located.

While the environmental clean-up tax for residences is paid along with water bills, the environmental clean-up tax for workplaces and buildings used for other purposes must be paid to the municipality each year during the property tax installment periods.

The second payments of the said taxes will be paid between 1 and 30 November.

It is important for taxpayers to pay accrued taxes in installment periods so as not to face penalties for late payment.

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