TOGG has also been increased! – Last Minute Türkiye and world news

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – An email sent to TOGG users informs them that car prices will be updated as of July.

According to the overall content of the email, TOGG prices have been increased by an average of 27 percent.


The standard range of TOGG T10X V1 RWD has been increased from TL 953 thousand to TL 1,207,000.

The standard TOGG T10X V2 RWD range has been increased from 1,055,000 TL to 1,307,000 TL.

TOGG T10X V2 RWD Long Range increased from 1,215,000 TL to 1,537,000 TL.

In a letter sent to TOGG

“Dear User,

Due to the impact of cost and financial changes recently in the global supply chain, we also had to adjust our prices as they began to be influenced by domestic producers in our country. The new price list will be effective July 5, 2023 and will affect all of our customers whose estimated delivery date is July or later.” description has been given.

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