Tomatoes boiled or raw!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – There may be times when you suspect that some of the food you keep in the refrigerator has gone bad in a way that could adversely affect your health. It is important to know the expiration date of each food in the refrigerator… This is important because if these steps are not followed correctly, the growth of bacteria in the food can be accelerated. Other factors that affect the waiting time for food in the refrigerator are:

Cooking methods are also important in terms of the shelf life of foods in the refrigerator. For example, fried and boiled do not remain healthy at the same time. The time from cooking to cooling is also important.

In general, it is not recommended to reheat food more than once. Leftover food should not be reheated more than once. If you do this several times, the bacteria will begin to multiply because the ideal temperature for growth is 5-65 ºC. Overheating also reduces the quality and nutritional value of food.

The advice of experts is to subtract the amount that will be consumed at that moment so that you do not have to reheat food in the refrigerator. Before eating, it should be heated to a temperature of about 75 ºC, not boiling, but just enough to kill microorganisms.

The only way to be sure the food is in good condition is to know exactly when you open the jar or prepare the recipe and how many days it will stay in good condition.

Not all foods are stored in the refrigerator. Many foods have natural defenses that prevent the growth of spoilage pathogens. Foods with high acidity, such as pickled or pickled foods, low water foods, foods high in salt, and skin-protected foods, like many fruits and vegetables, have natural protection.

There are also foods such as milk, which, although usually perishable, have been pasteurized and can last much longer if the packaging they are in is not opened.

In addition, there are foods that need to be stored in the refrigerator. According to cnnturk: ​​Foods that should be kept cold are generally raw meats, processed meat products, raw fish, smoked and marinated fish, dairy sauces and creams, soft cheeses, yoghurts and fermented milk products, dairy desserts, tomato sauce. , butter, eggs, cooked foods, meals made from a mixture of raw and cooked foods, fruits and vegetables that have been peeled, chopped or cooked, and convenience foods. On the other hand, it was stated that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry imposed a restriction on the export of tomatoes until April 14, 2023 after the price increase and the justification of the earthquake.

The shelf life of various products in the refrigerator until consumption is:

Vegetable puree or vegetable soup: 3-4 days

Lentil soup: 3-4 days

Fried chicken: 2 days

Grilled red meat: 1 day

Grilled fish: 1 day

Boiled egg: up to 7 days in its own shell.

Natural tomato sauce, cooked or raw: 3 days

Homemade sauces: 1 day

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