Treasury balance sheet shows deficit in 2022

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Treasury’s cash balance showed a deficit of 108.3 billion liras in December 2022 and 169.4 billion liras for the whole of 2022.

In November 2022, there was a deficit of 99.5 billion lira on the Treasury’s balance sheet.

While the primary balance showed a deficit of TL 92.8 billion in December, there was a surplus of TL 110.6 billion in the primary balance during 2022.

Interest payments for the whole of 2022 amounted to TL 287.2 billion.

Net borrowing in 2022 amounted to 437.3 billion Turkish liras. Net external borrowing was TL 75.2 billion and net domestic borrowing was TL 362.1 billion.

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