Turk-Is said minimum wage should be TL 9,000: AKP responded

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Minimum Wage Commission held its third and final meeting yesterday. After the meeting, which lasted 4 hours, Türk-İş President Ergun Atalay spoke about the minimum wage. Atalay said: “Our offer is 9,000 Turkish lira. If there is an offer under it, we will not sit down at the table.” Shaking up the agenda with her statement, the AKP responded.

Regarding the minimum wage, AK Party MKYK member and economist Assoc. Dr. As a result, Kurt made some wonderful statements. Claiming that the employer opened the door for 7 thousand lira, Kurt revealed when the minimum wage would be announced.


“We will make the employee happy and give the employer a burden to carry.” Kurt said: “The minimum wage is currently 5,500 lira. We have a limit of 7,825 lira, here we will start bargaining,” said Ergun Atalay. This goes into the range of 42.43 percent. “This is not our request,” he said. They said that the president of Turk-Is sold the worker. An increase of about 42 percent does not satisfy the working side. The employer’s side opened the door for 7,000 lire.” gave his assessment.


Saying that workers were demanding a 65 percent increase, Kurt said: “Employers we spoke to are demanding a 45-50 range. We expect the minimum wage to be announced early next week.” said.

“How fast do they speak in the AKP?” In answering the question, Kurt used the following statements:

“None of our friends from the party is a member of this commission. I thought 10k gross. Apart from my academic identity, I am also involved in working life. In my work as a private individual or as a minimum wage consultant, my estimates were probably 1 lira a bewilderment. An increase in the minimum wage also creates expectations for other workers. I expect around 8.000-8.250 TL.

In 2001, the minimum wage was $92. The dollar exchange rate during this period is growing. Until 2015, the dollar exchange rate remained normal; in 2015, the minimum wage was $560. After a treacherous attempt at a coup d’état, there is a decline. In dollar terms, that’s $391 in 2020 despite global attacks. The figure looms 420-430 dollars. For a system in which the worker is not oppressed, the employer must also endure.”

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