TÜRK-İŞ: “The hunger limit is 9 thousand 591 TL”

SHAFAQNA TÜRKİYE- The results of the March 2023 Hunger and Poverty Line Survey conducted by TÜRK-İŞ every month to identify the living conditions of employees and determine whether changes in the prices of basic necessities are reflected in the family budget have been announced.

According to the study, the “hunger limit”, which expresses the amount of food expenses that a family of 4 must make in order to have a healthy, balanced and adequate diet this month, was 9,591 lira. The “poverty line”, which corresponds to the total amount of other obligatory expenses for food and clothing, housing, transport, education, health care and similar needs, was estimated at 31,241 lira.

The “living wage” for one worker was set at 12,469 liras per month. The minimum amount of food expenses for a family of 4 living in Ankara increased by 1.76 percent compared to the previous month, and the growth rate was 94.62 percent over the past 12 months.

According to the study, while cheese and yogurt prices fell in March, the price of milk rose and for the first time exceeded 25 lira per liter. Beef increased by 13 percent, lamb by 18 percent, chicken by 4 percent, eggs by 16 percent and fish by 8 percent. The cost of veal for the first time exceeded an average of 250 lire.

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