Turks buy onions 3 times more expensive

SHAFAQNA Türkiye “With high inflation and a rapidly rising cost of living in Turkey, the problem of the lives of citizens is also escalating … While the biggest problem for voters was the economic crisis before the elections to be held on May 14, a situation arose that would refute the rhetoric often featured on the agenda” Germany is jealous of us.”

It has been observed that prices in Germany have entered a downward trend.

While the prices of basic foodstuffs in Turkey have tripled, Turkey has become much more expensive than in Europe, especially in Germany. This situation also affected the Europeans who came to Turkey. Until the end of last year, buyers from Turkey could neither approach nor approach the prices, although they paid in euros and earned on average three times more than the Turks. The number of people who say: “I will go to Turkey and do some shopping” has also decreased.

The weight of a pistachio in Germany is about 15.80 euros.


In Germany, a kilogram of baklava costs from 20 to 30 euros (approximately 400-600 Turkish liras). In some regions it is 10-15 euros (200-300 Turkish liras). In Turkey, the price of baklava has reached 600 TL.

Export of baklava from Turkey to Germany is no longer possible. At this rate, expats will carry baklava from Germany to Turkey in the summer. Foreigners, who brought mainly pastrami, sausages, chocolate and brandy, began to take more meat products since last summer.

While onions vary in price, they can be found for about 1.19 euros per kilo.


In Turkey, a kilo of pistachios costs 700 TL, while in Germany, prices range from 15.80 to 20 euros (approximately 400 TL).

In Germany, the weight of an onion is between 0.69 cents and 1 euro (approximately 20 Turkish lira).

Potatoes sell for about 1 euro, while canned okra costs 4.98 euros per kilo. Fresh is cheaper. In Turkish grocery stores, you can buy 1 kg of okra for 3-4 euros.

Prices in Germany attracted attention.

Similarly, the prices of butter and vegetable oil quickly declined, with 250 grams of butter dropping to €1.30. Likewise, prices for milk and dairy products continue to fall.

While the cost of a banana is about 1 euro, the price of a tomato and zucchini is also 1 euro.

The same problem applies not only to food and drink, but also to goods such as clothing and books.

A book bought in Turkey for 400-600 Turkish liras costs about 30 euros for a German. This negatively affects the sales and export of books to Germany.

The European Central Bank raised interest rates by 1-2 percentage points, and inflation began to decline rapidly.

Gasoline prices have returned to pre-war periods between Russia and Ukraine. It also goes down. Inflation is estimated at a maximum of 2.4 percent next year.

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