Vedat Bilgin: There is no victim of internship

SAFAKNA TURKEY – While Turkey was going to the polls, they wondered about the fate of temporary workers and victims of the internship at EYT.

Minister Vedat Bilgin answered journalists’ questions about the agenda before the meeting of the AKP parliamentary group. scientist, “There are normal personnel in the state, and there are temporary workers. We suggested that the state recruit from existing temporary workers in order of seniority when recruiting for a standard staff. State; working hours, let them take the most senior “ used phrases.


When asked about the stage of regulation of temporary workers, Bilgin said: “The regulation is currently in Parliament. I think this week it will be included in the agenda of the parliament. We solve the problem with temporary workers. File by file, we close the file, resolving every issue that we discussed before us. We talked about temporary workers after EYT, now the issue of temporary workers, I hope, will be closed by the decision of our Assembly. The problem of temporary workers will be a thing of the past.” he replied.

“Will there be a lower working time limit for temporary workers?” Answering a question, Bilgin “There is no limit, put things in order, start with the oldest. We also offered to hire existing temporary workers for the long term, 11 months 29 days.” gave information.


“With the regulation of persons stuck in retirement age (EYT), there have been victims of internship” Bilgin, who was asked to evaluate “The concept of “internship victim” is wrong, there is no such thing as an internship victim. Because those who don’t pay premiums can retire without paying premiums? Who are their bosses? Let them tell us who will pay premiums on their behalf, let us identify them, let them pay their premiums. Internship is education, let’s use the concepts correctly” said.

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