Wake up your body with Heliotherapy I Benefits of Heliotherapy

One of the cheapest and easiest treatments heliotherapyTake advantage of!

The sun brings renewed energy to the life of all life on earth. You must understand the benefits of this natural and free resource for you.

Sunlight is the source of life on earth. We find strength in natural light, and the life-giving energy of the sun increases our physical and spiritual life force.

Our friend the sun
It is often said that we should stay out of the sun. But the sun is also a vital element for our physical and spiritual health. Lack of sunlight compromises immunity and skeletal health by disrupting natural sleep patterns. Various studies in this area have shown that there is a link between insufficient natural light in winter and depression. In fact, lack of indoor sunlight in modern life causes more disease than too much sunlight.

Increases immunity
The sun has a serious immune-stimulating effect. Sunlight stimulates our pituitary gland. This gland is the key to our endocrine system and produces hormones that strengthen and speed up our body’s immune responses. Vitamin D, produced by our bodies when exposed to sunlight, helps white blood cells and cells in the airways fight bacteria. Vitamin D also causes immune cells to move towards the skin, the purpose of which is to directly combat free radical damage to the skin.

Fights depression and insomnia
Our pineal gland controls the sleep-wake cycle by secreting the hormone melatonin, which prepares our body for sleep. Many people need more sleep and are prone to depression, especially during the winter months due to increased melatonin production. Sunlight keeps us awake by suppressing melatonin production. Sunlight received during the day helps set our biological clock so we can sleep well at night.

Increases energy
Good sleep and a sunny day naturally increase energy levels. For the same reasons, people tend to sleep more during the winter months, which means that elevated melatonin levels and lack of sunlight make us constantly sleepy. A walk in the park at dawn helps us wake up and gives us a good start to the day. Even on a cloudy day, this natural sunlight gives us all the power we need.

Protects your skin
In addition to helping fight free radicals, the sun speeds up the production of melanin in the body. These are the brown pigments in our skin. Studies have shown that this pigment protects the skin from skin cancer. Even people with fair skin can benefit from the gradual formation of pigmentation over time.

Strengthens bones
Vitamin D from the sun is also essential for bone health. It speeds up and improves the absorption of calcium, which we take with food, so that it enters the bones. Sunscreens block vitamin D synthesis and the benefits of sunlight. In addition, many commercial products contain toxic chemicals that penetrate our skin.

solar repair
The warm rays of the sun help to get rid of stress and fatigue. The healing warmth of sunlight penetrates deep into our skin and accelerates many of our body’s repair processes, including tissue repair, hormone synthesis, and nutrient absorption. It also helps improve immunity and increase energy.

Take advantage of the sunshine, but be smart. Reduce the risk of sunburn damage to your skin by avoiding direct sun exposure during the midday heat. You can both benefit and minimize the harmful effects of the sun by getting out in the sun before 9am and after 4pm.

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