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SHAFAQNA Türkiye – It was curious what changes Covid-19 causes in the usual symptoms of other viruses, bacteria and cancer patients, and even in the course of the disease. Expressing that this is gradually becoming apparent, thoracic specialist Prof. Dr. Shevket Ozkaya noted that there has been an increase in viral diseases, especially not related to Covid-19.

First of all, prof. reported that there was a significant increase in the incidence of herpes zoster caused by herpes viruses. Dr. Ozkaya recommended that although shingles is a disease with mild symptoms, precautions should be taken against the discomfort we may experience due to other viruses that may appear in the coming days.

Ozkaya said: “We must pay attention to the distance and hygiene rules, not only for Covid-19, but for all viral and infectious diseases.”

“Measles is also on the rise”

Continuing his words by mentioning that measles is one of the childhood illnesses that our people know best about, Ozkaya said, “Although rare, it can be fatal, especially in children under 1 year of age, due to brain, heart and/or lung complications.”

Noting that measles, which is mainly observed in childhood, is 5-6 times more contagious than the corona virus, Prof. Dr. According to Ozkay, vaccination is one of the main measures that can be taken against measles, which has recently become an epidemic in Turkey and many cases have been announced. Without vaccination, it can be easily transmitted to pregnant women and people with low immunity and cause dangerous situations.


Ozkaya recalled that measles, which manifests itself as high fever and weakness, is transmitted by airborne droplets when infected people cough, sneeze or talk, or through contact with objects used by these people.

Noting that while there is no definitive cure for measles, treatment for some symptomatic complaints can be applied, Ozkaya said: “Although the number of cases is increasing, we do not expect a deadly epidemic that will cause panic in our people. Measles is the most well-known problem in our country and the Ministry of Health is the most sensitive issue both regarding vaccination and especially regarding the surveillance of childhood viral diseases. “Despite the increase in measles, there is no life-threatening picture, we simply recommend that our people pay attention to a controlled social life, because this leads to a loss of labor force.”

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