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SAFAKNA TURKEY- The Istanbul Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (İSKİ) called for water conservation due to drought caused by global climate change.

İSKİ said in a statement that the drought has forced a change in water use habits in Turkey, as well as around the world.


The statement, which said that many people waste water to meet their daily water needs, noted that long bath times, hand-washed dishes, or an unrepaired faucet lead to much more water consumption than anticipated.

The statement stated that 75 percent of water is wasted by leaving the faucet open while washing hands, and 18 tons of water can be saved per year by reducing shower time by one minute.

Mentioning that washing dishes in a car saves about 110 liters of water each time, the following information was given: “Also, we should not forget that 70 percent of water consumption in homes comes from toilets and bathrooms. Water footprint monitoring significantly reduces water consumption. For example, 200 grams of red meat takes 3,100 liters of water. For a cotton T-shirt, this figure is 2720 liters. Due to unnecessary A4 paper, 10 liters of water are wasted.”


İSKİ’s 21-point savings proposals, which will reduce water waste and replenish the family budget of Istanbul residents, were divided as follows:

“Remember that 70 percent of your water use in your home comes from the toilet and bathroom. Fix dripping faucets. Prevent the loss of an average of 6 tons of water per year. Slightly tighten the valves under the taps or install aerators on the faucets. Save 50 percent on tap water. Remember that a leaky toilet cistern can drain up to 700 liters of water per day. If possible, replace the toilet cisterns with smaller cisterns. Reduce your bath time by 1 minute. They extract an average of 16 tons of water per year. Don’t leave water running when using soap in the shower. Do not leave the faucet running while washing your hands, face, or shaving. Remember that if you wash your hands with the faucet running, you lose 75 percent of the water. Collect water flowing from boilers to heat water in containers and use it for other needs. Do not run washing machines and dishwashers until they are fully loaded. Wash dishes in the machine, not by hand. Don’t waste 110 liters of water with every wash. Wash clothes in the machine, not by hand. Save an average of 9 tons of water per year. Wash fruits and vegetables in a container, not under running water. Domestic wastewater treatment plants consume several times more water than they produce. If you are using a purifier, collect the wastewater and use it for the treatment. If you water, do so in the morning or evening. Avoid losses due to evaporation. Remember that the most powerful method of combating agricultural drought is drip irrigation. Wash your cars with buckets and brushes, not running water. If possible, prefer wiping carpets rather than laundering them. Report any water leaks you see outside to İSKİ. Don’t forget that water is used in the production of every material we consume. Remember that all wasted causes dehydration. Switch to the Digital Invoice app, which allows you to have İSKİ invoices delivered to you via SMS or email instead of paper. Applying is easy on the website. Recovery of wasted water for paper money. Make a habit of everything you do to save money. So save up for a living.”


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