We think it’s great, but the liver is killing your health!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – the spices that we use to decorate dishes and desserts have many benefits. The consumption of cinnamon seasoning, indispensable for diabetic patients, is important for health. However, experts drew attention to the dangers of cinnamon and warned of serious diseases caused by the high content of coumarin in cinnamon.

If you prefer herbs over markets because of the thought that they are fresher and healthier when buying spices, beware! Spices sold in herbalists can be dangerous. Cinnamon, which is sold open and is known as Vietnamese cinnamon, can cause internal bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage due to the presence of coumarin, a blood-thinning substance that increases liver enzymes.


Herbalist Yumit Aktas, who warned about Vietnamese cinnamon, which is preferred by vendors due to its low cost, said: “Cinnamon is a medicinal plant. Cinnamon itself was not a poisonous plant. Two types are used. Ceylon and cassia. Ceylon cinnamon has a more pleasant aroma and better taste. That is why it is used in foods. On the other hand, cassia cinnamon has a higher active ingredient content and a different flavor compared to Ceylon cinnamon. Since cinnamon is an expensive plant, it is prepared in different ways. They come from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is actually the same cinnamon plant, but with different processing methods. These cinnamon are made from the woody part of the cinnamon plant. In Ceylon cinnamon, this woody part is removed. Usually the wood part is not used. But they also use the wood parts for more profit,” he said.


Aktash said: “If Ceylon cinnamon is worth 10 lire, it is sold for 100 lire, if cassia cinnamon is worth 1 lire, it is sold for 100 lire. Citizens who do not know the real cinnamon do not know what kind of cinnamon they bought. It contains the substance “ogenol”, which gives the flavor of cinnamon. But this woody part contains high amounts of coumarin. Coumarin can be life-threatening due to a blood thinner that can increase the activity of liver enzymes. However, this substance is almost absent in Ceylon cinnamon. Exposure to large amounts of coumarin can cause bleeding disorders and liver failure. It is toxic to pregnant women and pregnant women should not use it. It is mainly used by diabetics and is widely used to lower blood sugar levels. They need to be very careful,” he warned.


“Transfers must be controlled. The wrong sale of plants must be prevented. My advice to citizens: don’t buy open plants. Herbal sells spices, herb’s job is not to heal. Just trust their doctor. For this reason, cinnamon should be consumed in closed packages that show that it is a medicinal cinnamon and that it is Ceylon cinnamon. Don’t trust the cinnamon you buy open. All powdered spices are mixed. They try to increase the amount by putting useless spice in precious spice. Depending on the spice from which it is made, various powders are used. Many powders are used, from tile dust to flour.”


Chemist and herbalist Shems Arslan, who issued a statement on the matter, said: “Because cinnamon has hundreds of benefits, the wrong cinnamon is also harmful. Especially in dark cinnamon, there is a lot of coumarin. Dark coumarins can cause internal bleeding. Not recommended for pregnant women before or after pregnancy. We recommend light. And not cinnamon powder. Powders can be mixed. Because it is a golden plant. When you see a light one, know that it does not contain a lot of coumarin. Doctors do not recommend cinnamon containing coumarin. It should be used in consultation with a doctor, especially pregnant women, prone to cerebral hemorrhages and heart patients. I am not a supporter of selling such valuable plants on the cheap. Even a gram of them is worth gold. Preservation of cinnamon is also very important. The cinnamon that you buy in a bag should be put in a glass jar at home. It should be stored in a cool, dark place.”

Herbalists say: “To distinguish a good cinnamon, you have to break it. When crushed, a pleasant smell is released. Its aroma is better revealed after the smell is brewed, ”she says.


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