What are some quick ways to get rid of nasal congestion?

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Claiming that nasal congestion is a condition that makes breathing difficult, Otorhinolaryngology Diseases Op. Dr. Vildan Kurgan said nasal congestion caused by allergies can cause respiratory problems such as allergic asthma if left untreated. Mound; “The nose, which is the starting point of the respiratory system and is the organ in which the incoming air is heated and humidified before entering the lungs, due to a number of factors cannot perform its function and this situation is called nasal congestion. Nasal congestion is a condition that makes breathing difficult and makes it impossible to get a full day or sleep. Nasal congestion, which is generally considered very simple among people but impairs quality of life and causes serious negative consequences, can occur in both children and adults due to influenza infection, seasonal changes, or structural problems. With constantly recurring nasal congestion, which brings with it serious problems, you should immediately consult a doctor and begin the necessary treatment.


Stating that colds, flu or sinusitis-like infections and allergies are common causes of runny noses and nasal congestion, and sometimes nasal discharge and congestion can also be caused by tumors, Kurgan listed the causes and symptoms as follows:

“Causes of nasal congestion in general; sinusitis, deviated septum, nasal congestion, turbinate edema, alcohol use, colds, seasonal changes, spicy foods, foreign objects in the nose, flu, pregnancy, and sleep apnea. A person who cannot breathe through the nose breathes through the mouth. In this case, sleep with an open mouth and bouts of snoring can be observed at night. Poor quality sleep can result in constant fatigue and weakness. Apart from this, dry mouth and throat infections due to unfiltered air in the nose are among the symptoms that can be seen. In addition, nasal congestion and runny nose are usually accompanied by conditions such as dry and itchy nose and sneezing.


Drawing attention to the need to identify the root cause of nasal congestion, Kurgan said: “The cause of discomfort can be tried to understand by endoscopy. Nasal congestion caused by hay fever, enlarged turbinates (enlarged nose), or enlarged adenoids (enlarged adenoids) can be treated with medications and nasal sprays. In cases where medications, such as a deviated nose, cannot be relieved, the congestion can be relieved with nasal congestion surgery. However, it is preferable to apply this method when the patient’s life is adversely affected. The surgical method of the operation can be a great salvation for patients who constantly show symptoms of mouth breathing and snoring. After surgery, a person can immediately return to their daily lives, see their needs and breathe calmly. Another method is to use the power of radiofrequency surgery to remove the obstruction and create the necessary conditions for the patient to lead a better life.


Speaking about methods that can be applied at home for nasal congestion, Kurgan warned not to neglect the situation and consult a doctor, and gave the following recommendations for nasal congestion: “Consumption of herbal teas such as ginger, mint, cinnamon and turmeric can reduce congestion. The use of tobacco products or passive smoking are among the factors that provoke nasal congestion. For this reason, you must be careful not to be in places where smoking is allowed. Salt water (saline) is ideal for relieving nasal congestion. You can go for a swim or make your own salt water by adding some table salt to a glass of water at home and smelling it. Drinking plenty of water is necessary to keep the nasal mucosa moist. Living in such an environment can cause dry nose and nasal congestion problems that develop as a result of air conditioning or heating. You can prevent the problem of nasal congestion by having a steam engine or boiling water around you.

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