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SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Did you know that vitamin C rich tangerine is incredibly beneficial for human health? So, what is useful mandarin? What happens if there are tangerines for a week? Mandarin, which is an indispensable flavor of the winter months, increases the body’s resistance, especially against winter diseases. Mandarin, which lowers bad cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure. Everything that interests you about tangerines, you can find in the news details.

Mandarin, which is one of the temperate climate fruits, belongs to the citrus family. These are fleshy and juicy fruits of yellow, orange and green colors. The peel is softer than that of oranges. Meat can be eaten immediately or drunk by squeezing the juice. Experts about tangerine juice say that with regular use it increases the body’s resistance to winter diseases. Tangerines usually take their place on the shelves of our country from September. It grows all summer, as it loves hot weather. It can be easily consumed throughout the winter. However, the mandarin variety grown in Rize is resistant to cold. Therefore, it can be consumed even in winter. The country with the highest production in the world is China. Our country ranks fifth in the manufacturing ranking. In the cities of Adana and Mersin, in the first week of November, the Turkish mandarin presents the Narinjie festival to the whole world. Since ancient civilizations, mandarin has been considered a source of healing. Mandarin, rich in vitamins C and A, is very beneficial for immunity, heart and bone health.


– Mandarin, rich in flavonoids, has anti-cancer effects. Flavonodilar substances strengthen the immune system, destroying cells when free radicals enter the body. It also reduces the number of bacteria that can enter the bloodstream. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

– Since almost everyone is disturbed, the tangerine, after cleaning, throws out the white streaks covering it. However, experts emphasize that white veins are a very strong source of fiber, and these veins contribute positively to gastrointestinal health. White veins strengthen the abdominal muscles. Especially increases the functionality of the stomach in the process of grinding. In addition, it facilitates bowel movements by preventing the accumulation of food waste in the intestines.

The benefits of mandarin for immunity

It is effective in increasing the value of certain vitamins and substances that decrease in the expectant mother during pregnancy. Tangerine, rich in folic acid and a complex of B vitamins, has a positive effect on the development of both the expectant mother and the baby. Studies have shown that people who do not take enough folic acid have an increased risk of DNA cell mutation. It causes various cancers.

health benefits of tangerine

– Increases the functions of potassium organs by increasing cells. A person with a potassium deficiency increases the likelihood of various diseases. It also negatively impacts bone and brain health in old age. At least one tangerine consumed per day reduces the likelihood of this deficiency.

– By purifying the blood, it prevents the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. The useful sugar contained in it meets the energy standards of the body. Accelerates fat burning.

Benefits of Regularly Eating Mandarin


– Removes harmful microorganisms that mix with blood from fatty and carbohydrate foods from the body through urine. Due to the traumatic acidic substances it contains, it reduces the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus, stomach and intestines.

– Essential fatty acids keep cholesterol levels in balance.

– Reduces the risk of diseases that occur when the body’s heat balance changes during seasonal transitions. It also helps sick people recover faster.

What is useful tangerine

– In autumn, it helps well against insomnia, if used regularly after dinner.

– Thanks to the soothing substances contained in it, it renews the deformed cells of the nervous system.

– Experts also emphasize that throat infections are reduced when tangerine peels are boiled and drunk.

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