What investment tool has brought the greatest profit?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) has shared data on real rates of return on financial investment instruments for November 2022. Accordingly, the highest monthly real returns were obtained in the BIST 100 index: 20.99 percent when reduced by the domestic producer price index (D-PPI) and 18.48 percent when reduced by the consumer price index (CPI).

With a decrease in D-PPI; providing real returns to its investors at rates of 3.14 percent in euros, 2.98 percent for gold bullion, 0.99 percent for domestic debt government securities (GDDS) and 0.46 percent for interest on deposits (gross); The US dollar lost 0.60 percent for its investors. When reduced by the CPI, the euro provides a real return of 0.99 percent and gold bullion a 0.84 percent; GDDS lost 1.11 percent, interest on deposits (gross) 1.63 percent and the US dollar 2.66 percent.

BIST 100 index in quarterly assessment; While it is an investment vehicle that provides the highest real return for its investors with 36.94 percent on D-PPI and 41.94 percent on CPI, gold bars are down 11.20 percent on D-PPI and 7. 96 percent by CPI. the instrument that lost the most for its investors.

Based on a six-month assessment of the BIST 100 index; Although it is the investment vehicle that provides the highest real return for its investors, at 42.83 percent on a declining D-PPI and 56.19 percent on the CPI, over the same period, the deposit interest (gross) is reduced by 17.31 percent. by D-PPI and by CPI This was the investment vehicle that lost the most for its investors at a rate of 9.58 percent.


In the annual assessment of financial investment instruments, the BIST 100 index; It became the investment vehicle that provided its investors with the highest real return, with a ratio of 14.62 percent on a decreasing D-PPI and 46.71 percent on a CPI.

In annual valuation when decreasing by D-PPI; Among investment instruments, the US dollar lost 26.24 percent, gold bars – 30.02 percent, euro – 34.05 percent, GDDS – 39.82 percent and interest on deposits (gross) – 51.65 percent. In a CPI-assisted decline, the US dollar lost 5.59 percent, gold bars 10.42 percent, euro 15.58, GDBS 22.97 percent, and deposit interest (gross) 38.11 percent.

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