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SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirisci, made statements about foot-and-mouth disease of the SAT-2 serotype, the first case of which has been identified in Turkey. Declaring that the necessary vaccines had been produced, Minister Kirishki said: “Vaccination will be done quickly. These vaccines will be used for our cattle. Given the current animal population in Turkey, all of our cattle should be vaccinated with this vaccine.” used phrases. So, in which animals does foot and mouth disease occur? What is foot and mouth disease, what are the symptoms?

Foot and mouth disease is a viral disease even of ungulates. It is commonly known as cymbal or dabak.

This is a viral disease that occurs in all artiodactyl animals, domestic or wild, and causes the death of debilitated and young animals in chronic conditions and, as a rule, leads to the loss of meat, milk and labor. It is one of the diseases that the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry must report. Although the mortality from the disease is low, the incidence is high. This means that although it is not fatal, it spreads quickly in the herd or territory. Although it is considered a zoonosis, transmission to humans is extremely rare.

The disease was first described in 1546 by Hieranimus Fracastorius. In Turkey, it was first recorded as statistical information in 1914.

The spread of the disease occurs through 2 different elements:

1- Sick animals

  • Their saliva
  • Urine and feces
  • milk
  • When rashes form bubbles in the foci

2- Host animals and resources

  • Mice, birds, wild boars, poultry play a role in the spread of the disease.
  • Artificial insemination (with diseased sperm or material)
  • food, bedding, water,
  • Use of clothes, clothing and materials (milking machine, spoon, chain) used in a contaminated environment, without disinfection,
  • Transportation of animals (with sick animals, materials or non-disinfected vehicles),
  • The introduction of diseased animal products into the market without the necessary treatment plays an important role in turning the disease into an epidemic.

Saliva in the mouth area, foamy discharge and/or erosions in the interungual area are the most obvious images for a preliminary diagnosis. These lesions can be seen in the chest area, especially on the nipples, but do not provide a complete differentiation for a diagnosis.

This is a viral disease for which there is no cure because there are many types.[kaynak belirtilmeli] Veterinarians use different methods of treatment depending on the course of the disease.

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