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SAFAKNA TURKEY- In cities where there is a lot of modern life, especially in Japan, young people stay at home and do not go out for months. All they do is be with their technological gadgets. Experts have already given this situation a name: hikikomori

They spend time at the computer

Hikikomori means “to leave” or “to leave” in Japanese. In hikikomori, they do nothing but listen to music, surf the Internet, and sleep. In Hikikomori, young people also spend most of their time in front of the computer, shutting themselves in their rooms.

A problem that threatens our country as well.

The Lost Generation is growing up with hikikomori disease, which affects more than 300,000 young people in Japan. In hikikomori, or social isolation, people eat and sleep here and even go to the toilet in their rooms. According to experts, Hikikomori also began to threaten the youth of our country.

It is not clear what disease

Families should be very careful about hikikomori disease. The experts noted that these young people, who do not leave their rooms and play computer games all the time, do not tell anyone that they are antisocial and need serious treatment. It is not recognized that hikikomori is a disease.


– without leaving home

– Unwillingness to talk to anyone

– not talking to anyone

– Reluctance to leave the room

– Disconnection from social life

– Breaking friendship, ending friendship

– excessive stress

– Irritability

– Psychological disorders

– Aggression

– insomnia

– eat and drink in front of the computer

– avoiding people

– Respond with a shout

– depression


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