What is phytotherapy for cancer, is it used in chemotherapy?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Cancer, the plague of our age, is a very serious disease. The effect of cancer treatment can be enhanced by using herbal medicine along with various therapies. Phytotherapy alone is not effective in treating cancer. In other words, if herbal medicine is planned to be used for oncological diseases, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist and be under his supervision. So, is herbal medicine used with chemotherapy to treat cancer?

Herbal medicine includes many methods used to treat cancer. Of course, these methods are not the same for all types of cancer. Because herbal medicines work on different parts and organs of the body, the method and the plant used also differ. Support should be sought from experts in the field on which application of herbal medicine should be used for which cancer. Otherwise, these plants can have a toxic effect. Of great importance is the correct use of herbal medicine in the treatment of cancer.

What is Phytotherapy for Cancer?

Herbal medicine is one of the commonly used adjunctive cancer treatments. This treatment using various medicinal and aromatic herbs can help cure cancer faster. However, it should be noted that herbal medicine is not a direct solution or treatment for cancer, but only an adjunct. Some plants and their mixtures can be used as supplements in the treatment of cancer. In particular, turmeric has a great effect in the treatment of cancer. This plant, which stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties, has also been shown to have a wide range of efficacy in treating cancer. Among experts, it is considered the most powerful anti-cancer herb. Turmeric contains a natural component called turmeric. In other words, it protects cells from damage, prevents the proliferation of tumor cells and prevents the formation of metastases. It also helps the cell regain its ability to apoptosis.

Phytotherapy for cancer is a supportive method of treating this disease with plant sources. Many plants, especially the bark, contain the pigment quercetin. This pigment, which has a high antitumor effect, helps to strengthen the immune system. It also protects a person from tumors that develop due to hormones. Herbs that contain quercetin include broccoli, onions, greens, white cabbage, cauliflower, and apple peel.

How does herbal medicine affect cancer treatment?

Phytotherapy is used to treat various types of cancer. Pancreatic cancer is a disease whose cure is supported by phytotherapeutic treatment. Early diagnosis is very important for the application of herbal medicine to show successful results in cancer. Of course, at the last stage, phytotherapy can be used as a supportive treatment. The decision must be made by a person skilled in the art. If you apply herbal medicine according to your own knowledge, you may get worse results instead of improving your cancer. The purposes for which herbal medicine is used in the treatment of cancer and the importance of this treatment can be briefly listed as follows:

Is phytotherapy used with chemotherapy?

Phytotherapeutic applications are usually used in the post-chemotherapeutic period of treatment. The question of whether herbal medicine is used with chemotherapy is being investigated by many. While herbal medicine is preferred as a supportive treatment, it can also reduce the effectiveness of medications. It can sometimes cause side effects when used with various treatments such as chemotherapy. Therefore, herbs that interact with drugs can lead to a decrease in the effect of chemotherapy or an increase in its side effects. Phytotherapeutic applications for cancer of the liver, breast, intestines, stomach, lungs should not be carried out together with chemotherapy. For the treatment of any type of cancer, you must follow the instructions of the doctor.


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