What is summer flu? Get Rid of Summer Flu in 3 Steps

Summer flu is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus with symptoms similar to those seen during the winter months. Increased use of ventilation systems, such as air conditioners, in summer results in a faster spread of disease-causing particles. If we are in an environment suitable for a summer cold, and we are in a period when your immune system is weak, the chances of catching viruses increase us.

Influenza usually occurs in autumn and winter, with the peak of the epidemic occurring between December and February. However, the thought that the effects of COVID-19 eased during the summer months, the sweltering temperatures, the use of masks, and the fact that they were oblivious to social distancing rules increased the strength of the summer flu. Especially in the summer of 2022, the number of respiratory infections increased, including mild cases of COVID-19, the symptoms of which are similar to summer flu.

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