What needs to be done to economically use natural gas?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Natural gas consumers, whose bills are high after recent increases, are looking for solutions to save money. Mechanical Engineer Hakan Chukhadaroglu made an important assessment in his statement to an ILKHA correspondent on this issue.

Chukhadaroglu, who foresees that heating costs will be higher than last year with higher natural gas prices, said it is possible to save on natural gas consumption with efficient combi boilers.

Mechanical Engineer Hakan Chukhadaroglu

“The choice of a condensing boiler is very important; You can save up to 40%

Noting that the use of natural gas increases with the onset of the winter months and cooling, Chukhadaroglu stated that it would be beneficial to save on natural gas after recent increases, and said: “In order to save natural gas, the first thing to do is to insulate the building. The size and location of the heatsink is very important when choosing a material. These situations are always factors that cause accumulation and trigger each other. We have the most problems with natural gas engineering. The larger the radiator dimensions, the more benefits we can provide. The type of combi boiler and the choice of condensing combi boiler is very important. Sealed double-circuit boilers are not produced according to our laws. This is an advantage. Used users should abandon pressurized combi boilers and switch to condensing combi boilers. With condensing combi boilers, you can save up to 40 percent.” said.

“Let’s not forget that every degree saves 6 percent”

Stating that there are many benefits to using adjustable or thermostatic radiator valves when installing radiators, Chukhadaroglu said: “By lowering the level in the least used room; For example, in the living room, living room and kitchen, which are used most during the day, the setting can be kept high in the morning. By doing this, we can save money by reducing the settings in our bedrooms used at night. We can do this with a thermostatic valve. At the same time, we can save money by reducing the adjustment from the non-return valve, which we call a control valve, by adjusting the least used room depending on the proximity and distance to the boiler. Let’s not forget that every degree saves 6 percent. Usually the room temperature at home is 20 degrees, we prefer not to operate it above 22 degrees. How can we do this? By using room thermostats, you can use less natural gas and save money. Increasing the size of the radiator is very important for condensing combi boilers. With fully condensing combi boilers, savings of up to 40 or even 42 percent can be achieved. Semi-condensing combi boilers can provide 20 percent of these savings. It is useful to consider these situations as well.” he said.

“Closing an unused room does not save, as it is believed, but consumes more fuel”

Chuhadaroglu noted that the biggest mistake made in society is that it is believed that the savings are achieved by turning off the heat of an unused room, and said: “Since we need more energy in other areas to heat a closed room, this is not a savings , as it is thought, but consumes more fuel. You can do it in a villa, but it’s impossible to do it in an apartment because it’s a horizontal architecture. If the ground floor apartment also does this, your fuel consumption will increase exponentially. It is useful to stay away from this misunderstood situation and use this situation by adjusting (reducing). If there is no regulation, we can save money by turning the radiator valve 1-2 turns from closed to open.” he decided.

“Single cell operation does not harm the combi, but is not recommended”

Do you need to turn off natural gas when you are not at home during the day? In response to his question, Chukhadaroglu said: “If you turn off your device, you will need to consume more fuel when you return home. In this case, it will not be economical. Continuous operation of the combine at a low level provides great savings. When you leave home, you can keep the boiler running by setting it to a minimum temperature of 38 degrees and increasing the setting when you get home, or you can use a room thermostat to set it up with a timed room thermostat and save money. When the combi steamer is in operation, it must work with at least one comb. Single-core operation does not harm the combi steamer, but is not recommended as it will consume a lot of energy trying to heat the room, i.e. you will burn more natural gas. Today, due to the serious rise in the price of natural gas, fuel consumption rises above the norm. An apartment for which last year they paid 450 liras costs up to 1400-1500 liras. Winter has not started yet, the weather is getting warmer than last year. When you think that just burning it at night will be enough, imagine what numbers it will reach when such a large difference is used at full capacity. It is advantageous to use all the radiators in the house. Heat moves from one room to another, and so does the cold. Do not forget that cold displaces heat, so we put radiators by the window. The coldest part of the house is the glass, when cold passes through the glass, it naturally radiates heat from the radiator into the house, providing better and faster heating.” used his words.

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