When will the Fed rate decision be announced?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Many years ago, cryptocurrency investors lived happier and calmer lives. At the very least, the Fed’s interest rates weren’t given much importance. Even the analysis of altcoins was not done in parity with the dollar, altcoins were usually considered in parity with bitcoins. The goal of the technical analysts was to increase their holdings of BTC and enter the season with more BTC accumulation when the bull season hits. This has changed, and now the decisions of the Fed are extremely important for crypto investors.

When will the Fed rate decision be announced?

1st of February fed announced its latest interest rate decision and raised interest rates by 25 basis points, bringing them closer to the 5.1% ceiling. The next meeting will be held on March 22, and we will wait for new decisions at the meetings on May 3 and June 14. Daily crypto The amount of data that investors need to keep a close eye on is increasing. Because when the Fed comes to the end of the road, the smallest data creates outcomes that can set direction. For example, the last minimum USA home sales signaled an impending economic slowdown. But PMI data After reporting below 50 last month, this month it topped 50 and showed the growth of the economy. Home sales alarmed risk markets as they signaled a recession before many other indicators.

On top of all this, with the addition of statements from some Fed members that the interest rate could be increased by 50 basis points due to the March meeting, Bitcoin reversed its course down after the $25,000 failed tests. After the disinflationary process began at the previous meeting, the Fed unanimously decided to raise interest rates by 25 bp, and increase by 50 bp. in March may increase anxiety about the next meetings. The market appreciates this even today. Of course, this is not the only problem. The phrase “Berlin will fly the red flag” in the anthem played at an event he attended today, dedicated to the war with Russia and Putin’s aggressive statements…

Cryptocurrency the trader misses the days when he did technical analysis of altcoins in BTC parity.

FOMC minutes Hour

The minutes will be announced at the FRS meeting, which will be held on February 1 at 22:00 today. The FOMC minutes are extremely important when the markets are heavily focused on US news. For example, in mid-2021 no one FOMC He didn’t care about his minutes because Powell argued that the inflation that had begun to rise in those days was temporary, saying there was no need to panic. Therefore, the problem of the cryptocurrency investor that day was Elon Musk’s posts about bitcoin or Chinese bans.

But today the FOMC protocols are important. Details on the Fed’s current economic outlook, or any steps it may take at its March meeting, can be found in the FOMC minutes. Bitcoin is worth $23,700 at the time of writing.

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