Which doctor should I contact for pain in the legs

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – When you experience pain in your legs, you usually go to the departments of traumatology and orthopedics. This applies to both leg pain and knee pain. Depending on the possible cause of health problems, mutual referrals can be made in the departments of orthopedics and traumatology.

Depending on where the result is found, the treatment method continues in the same direction. Of course, assistance is provided through the departments of cardiovascular surgeons, neurologists and surgical departments.

For pain that occurs in different parts of the lower leg, first of all, contact the orthopedic department. At the same time, the Department of Traumatology also takes on this task. If there are problems in terms of injury, then these two parts are looking for a solution.

However, against the background of other problems, departments such as neurology and cardiovascular surgery come into play in this regard. Because leg pain can also occur due to conditions that affect various internal organs.

In case of pain in the legs, the Department of Traumatology, together with orthopedics, primarily deals with these problems. Because usually it is pain that occurs in the leg area against the background of traumatic events occurring in everyday life.

However, to solve problems that arise with organs and other parts of the body, specialist doctors from the departments of cardiovascular surgery and a neurologist come into play. In this regard, along with interdepartmental leadership, methods are being sought for solutions through diagnostics and examination.

Problems such as nerves, muscles, vessels, and joints are among the problems that can cause leg pain. In addition, problems such as a herniated disc are among the most important problems that can cause leg pain. Of course, problems such as dilation or narrowing of the veins in the legs also cause problems due to pain in the legs.

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