Which pensioner will receive an increase in salary by how much?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Minimum wages and salaries of civil servants and civil servants have been determined. However, the increase rate for SSK and Bagkur pensioners was finally approved by Parliament yesterday. With the additional increase, the July increase in pensions increased to 25 percent. Accordingly, 2.7 million civil servant pensioners and 15.5 million SSK and Bağ-Kur pensions will be increased this month.

The minimum pension was increased to TL 5,500 in January 2023 and to TL 7,500 in the interim until July. Parliament has passed a 6-month 25% allowance for SSK and Bağ-Kur pensioners. The regulation on the increase in pensions and salaries of civil servants will come into force after publication in the Official Gazette.

According to news prepared by Mete Dirichi from Sabah newspaper, the lowest SSK pension, Bağ-Kur will apply at 7500 TL during this period. The lowest pension applied was 3500 TL in December 2021. In January 2023, it was first increased to 5500 TL and then to 7500 TL. Growth for 2023 exceeded 114 percent.

The lowest salary of a retired civil servant is TL 9,876.

The lowest salary of a retired civil servant will apply at TL 9,876 after an increase of 25 percent.

On the other hand, a surcharge of 4-5 percent is made to those who receive SSK, Bağ-Kur, widows’ and orphans’ pensions. Persons with a basic salary of less than TL 5,083.68 receive an additional payment of 5%, and those with an additional payment of 4%. This cap applied at TL 4,066.95 up to a 25 percent increase in pensions.

As you know, wages are calculated on the basis of the “root salary”, and this figure is supplemented if it falls below the minimum pension. First, an allowance is applied to the basic salary, and then an additional payment is calculated and paid to the pensioner. If the figure is below 7500 TL, it will be rounded up.

When will pensions be paid to civil servants, SSK and Bag-kur?

The first payment will be made to officers who receive their salaries on the 15th of each month. The second payment will be made to pensioners SSK, Bağ-Kur. SSK members receive a pension from the 17th to the 26th of each month, while Bagh Kur residents receive a pension from the 25th to the 28th.

The third payment will be for a retired civil servant. A retired officer received his July salary from the 1st to the 5th of the month. The difference in the increase will be credited to the accounts on the date announced by the SGC. This usually happens towards the end of the month.

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