WHO: “Extreme temperatures put pressure on health systems”

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Ghebreyesus made an assessment of current health issues at the WHO weekly press conference.

Recalling that a report on child vaccination rates after COVID-19 was published by the WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ghebreyesus noted that there have been promising recoveries in vaccination after the Covid-19 process in some countries.

Recalling that the number of children who received the vaccine in 2022 is 4 million more than a year earlier, Ghebreyesus said:This is encouraging news, but large gaps remain in vaccination. Global and regional conditions on this issue mask persistent and severe inequalities, especially in low-income countries. Last year, more than 20 million children did not receive one or more of the vaccines they should have received. Nearly 15 million children have been deprived of all vaccines. used phrases.

Noting that many countries in the northern hemisphere are experiencing extreme heat due to El Niño and climate change, Ghebreyesus made the following assessment:

“We saw the highest temperature ever recorded two weeks ago. While extreme heat damages the elderly, infants, children, the poor and the homeless, who may be the least able to cope, it also puts a strain on health systems. Exposure to extreme temperatures has far-reaching health implications. This can lead to relapses of pre-existing diseases, as well as death and disability.”

Ghebreyesus also said they support countries’ temperature health action plans in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization to coordinate preparations and reduce the health impacts of extreme heat. MAJORITY

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