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SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Ezer noted that one of the most important reasons for the rapid increase in cancer and leukemia in our country is unhealthy diet, and said, “Agricultural pesticides are a great danger. This harmful method should be abandoned now. Natural farming is still possible.”

LÖSEV President Dr LÖSEV said: “In recent years, genetics, environmental factors and stress, as well as foods containing pesticides and additives, have played a big role in the increase in cancer cases. Ustyun Ezer stated that for this reason they produce natural products and made the following statements.

While LÖSEV tangerines are brought along with children with leukemia and cancer registered with LÖSEV, they are also distributed to rural schools.


In our country, leukemia and cancer are growing rapidly, spreading like the flu. When we examine the reasons for this, carcinogenic chemicals and food additives come to the fore. On the other hand, concrete skyscrapers, highways, malls, and summer cottages built on natural farmlands have destroyed fertile land. Unfortunately, chemicals, drugs and hormones have replaced natural farming and animal husbandry. All of them are carcinogenic. As LÖSEV, we see this fact and we want to draw attention to the care in natural nutrition. To this end, our foundation considers it its duty to produce natural products.

“They make us and our children sick”

Uncontrolled, excessive and illegal pesticides are used in the production of vegetables and fruits. When trying to kill some harmful insects, the natural ecological balance is disturbed. For example, ladybugs destroy lice on tangerine leaves by eating them, bees make honey and play a major role in the fertilization of plants and flowers. Unfortunately, excessive and unconscious crop spraying is killing them all. Agrochemicals penetrate into the core of the fruit. For example, it is highly undesirable to treat green tangerines with “ethylene gas”, a very poisonous and carcinogenic gas, so that they become yellow or even orange in color, and then apply paraffin (wax) so that all pores close and do not lose its water. While these extremely harmful and carcinogenic processes save money, they bring disease to our children and to us. Unfortunately, with the concept of a long shelf life, it is desirable that a tangerine can be sold for 3-4 months without spoiling after it has been picked from the tree. This is very false.

As a cancer fighter, LÖSEV produces a variety of pesticide-free food from tangerines to olives, from figs to walnuts on its farm in Seferihisar.


In short, to say “stop” to this danger, we have grown natural tangerines without pesticides and paraffin on the farm of the Foundation for Helping Children with Leukemia in Seferihisar, Izmir, and put them on sale throughout Turkey. We produce Satsuma Mandarin, which contains antioxidants and minerals such as Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, and Iron, using all-natural methods without pesticides or toxic gases. So natural farming is still possible. Like many of our products, our satsuma tangerines are also analyzed and presented to the public at LÖSEV Food Laboratories. It is researched from amounts of heavy metals such as salt and fatty acid to GMO definitions and toxin analysis called mold. Tangerines that have been tested for pesticide residues, ethylene oxide gas and paraffin, and approved to be free of additives, bring health from the branch to the tables. These products, all of whose income goes to the treatment of children with leukemia, and also brought along with children with leukemia and cancer registered with LÖSEV, can be purchased at LSV stores opened in various places, especially in Ankara-Istanbul-Izmir. and Adana, and from the Internet.


As LÖSEV, our goal is for the people of our country, and especially our children, to eat healthy, natural, carcinogenic-free tangerines. That is why we are trying to sell it at a cheap price, no matter the cost. Traders from foreign countries; They offered a high price, saying: “There are no such beautiful, natural tangerines in our country, let’s buy them all.” We shared this offer with our people and rejected it, saying that “money is not everything, our children’s greatest wealth and our greatest wealth is health.” We expect our tangerines to be purchased by individuals or large organizations before they rot to support this fight for health and children with leukemia. In addition to tangerines, we also produce many natural products such as olive oil, pomegranate syrup, homemade tomato paste, jam, ravioli, tarhana, noodles. We have prepared these products for our children with leukemia, as well as for those who want to eat naturally. We believe that this trend will gradually spread and we will have healthy children with old healthy tables.

There are almost 12 thousand trees and 150 vineyards.

İzmir Seferihisar LÖSEV Natural Food Farm has about 12,000 trees and 150 vineyards, including mainly tangerines, pomegranates, olives, apricots, peaches, figs, pears, quince and marmalade. Products are collected by LOSEV families, convalescent youth and volunteers.

www.sozcu.com.tr/ NAZAN DOGANER KHALICI

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