Will bitcoin rise? How much will it increase?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Also known as a cryptography expert. BitMEX founder Arthur Hayesreiterated his prediction that the value of bitcoin could reach $1 million.

Hayes to hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, fedDue to changes in Bitcoin monetary policy 27 thousand 500 dollars He says he will see a profit of more than 3,400 percent of his current value, which is higher.

“The Fed will cut interest rates, bitcoin will rise”

BitMEXco-founder, chairman of the US Federal Reserve Jerome PowellHe also predicts that the US will have to start cutting interest rates to curb inflation in response to fears of a recession.

According to Hayes, the rate cut bitcoinThis will serve as a catalyst for raising prices for . Meanwhile bitcoinis known for generally working well when more liquidity enters the markets.

Hayes said in a statement:Powell’s interest the faster it grows, the faster it will have to cut.” said. Addressing Powell, Hayes said, “BTCI’ll buy all drops. Thanks for the extra entry points, sir. said.

Compared BTFP to COVID Incentives

Founder of BitMEX, Fedannounced this month to provide liquidity to struggling US banks. Bank Term Financing Program(BTFP) is also mentioned. BTFPHe said that .

BTFP, BitcoinHe believes that this is similar to the stimulus fund boost applied by the Fed during the COVID epidemic, when.

“You can either be a sucker or a saint”

Hayes’ predictions don’t end there. crypto expert, Fed’also has yield curve control, a type of monetary policy in which the government buys bonds to limit long-term interest rates to a specific target. (SCC) intends to be present.

In his comment on this, “US Treasury Secretary Janet He began to move very slowly along the path to the control of the yield curve. Welcome to the beginning of financial pressure. You can either be a sucker or a saint when it comes to your capital city. If you treat your capital well, it will treat you well.” used phrases.

Hayes, finally People’s Bank of ChinaRequired Reserve Ratio (RRR) 0.25 by reducing monetary policy in China. He made a similar prediction for Bitcoin in response to recent developments. ChineseHe said he believes in this move.

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