You would never eat it if you knew the damage it does! Foods that increase the risk of a heart attack

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Many foods that we consider harmless cause very dangerous situations for our body. The foods we add to our food directly affect our health. There are foods we don’t know about that increase the risk of a heart attack.

Maintaining heart health is vital. Factors such as junk food, stress, and age put your heart health at risk and increase your risk of a heart attack. Hidden levels of sugar, sodium and salt in the foods we consume cause various diseases. Many foods that we eat often and do not pay attention to the content play an important role in the formation of heart attacks.

Foods that increase the risk of a heart attack


While delicious, cheese is the largest source of saturated fat. This type of fat accumulates in the stomach and damages the cardiovascular system. Also, if you think cottage cheese is safe, you are wrong. Just one cup of cottage cheese can contain 700 milligrams of salt.


We may think that eating more vegetables will help improve overall health, but we should add fresh vegetables as a plus in this regard. An exception to this rule are vegetables that have come out of the box. They may be filled with vitamins, but there is a lot of sodium stored inside to keep their flavor. So choose jars labeled “low sodium” and be sure to wash your vegetables before eating.


Another canned product that we use in most of our daily meals is tomato sauce. A can of dark red sauce contains 830 milligrams of sodium. As with canned vegetables, you should opt for low-sodium glass jar sauces as an alternative. We recommend jars labeled with less than 350 milligrams of sodium per half-cup serving.


We again came to the most unhealthy part of the market. Even the healthiest options in this range contain 700 milligrams of sodium. Yes, it can be very tasty, but we need to think about whether it is worth calcining all our organs. To minimize their harm, you should choose foods that contain less than 500 mg of sodium per serving.


Turks love coffee, but most of us traditionally drink it in abundance. But for those who like to drink coffee with cream, the danger is already at the door. Because creamy coffee contains excessive amounts of sugar and trans fats.


Another obvious food to avoid is margarine, which everyone loves. This food has harm that can almost stop your heart. Therefore, remove margarine from your life as soon as possible.


We don’t know about it, but we have to pay attention to every meal and even every sauce we use, regulating blood pressure and heart health. Changing the scale of these sauces can lead to a drop in blood pressure.


Usually when we make soup, we need extra bouillon cubes for an extra dose of flavor. Unfortunately, all bouillon cubes contain sodium and chemical sweeteners such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). Monosodium glutamate not only increases appetite, but also causes our body to produce the fat-storing hormone insulin. Instead, boil the bones and meat in water. Then put this water into ice packs and place them in the freezer. You can use it naturally at every meal.


The bacon and sausage that we’re crazy about also break our hearts. These tasty foods are high in nitrates.


While most whole grains can reduce your risk of heart disease by about 20 percent, refined white rice does the opposite. We recommend that you consume more bulgur by limiting your intake of white rice, which increases the risk of heart attack.

Roasted chicken

The last of the heart-damaging foods is fried chicken. We recommend everyone to carefully consume fried chicken, which is one of the most popular flavors of all time in Turkey. Because this food is very high in cholesterol. This is not good for our hearts at all.


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