Your real age might be 40, your age might be 60

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Liv Hospital Ankara Specialist in Cardiovascular Surgery prof. Dr. Baris Durukan made a statement about the impact of aging on cardiovascular health. Noting that human aging actually has more consequences than it seems at first glance, Prof. Dr. Durukan said: “The effects of aging on cells are seen in all organ systems. The same effects are inevitably observed when evaluating the vascular system. As the number of cells decreases, the cells increase in size. The same is observed in the heart, the wall of the heart thickens. On the other hand, the walls of the veins harden, that is, they lose their elasticity. This condition is associated with hypertension, stroke, kidney failure, and heart failure.


prof. Dr. Regarding the effect of aging on the vessels, Durukan said, “Because the human body cannot resist time as an organism, the aforementioned cellular changes occur during normal physiological aging. In fact, cells age, the tissues attached to them age, and as a result, the body ages. In light of current scientific evidence, aging cannot be prevented. The main thing here is to age normally, on time, in accordance with time. In other words, the aging we cannot resist is physiological aging. Organ systems are fed through blood vessels. Cells provide their needs with blood-borne molecules and thus get rid of their waste products. However, the appearance of aging effects earlier than expected from the vessels that feed the organ systems and tissues accelerates the aging process. How to record sound at 1X, 1.5X, etc. “If we can listen at high speeds, cells age 1, 1.5 times or faster due to premature aging of blood vessels,” he said.


Claiming that every process that accelerates cardiovascular disease also accelerates aging, Prof. Dr. Durukan said: “It has been scientifically proven that the factors that cause the most damage to the vessel wall are smoking and diabetes. Again, uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle have similar effects. The more the feeding vessel is damaged and has lost its normal function, the faster the feeding tissue is destroyed and loses its function. “Premature atherosclerosis” is exactly that, i.e. pathological vascular damage that occurs faster than it should with physiological aging (resulting in aging), premature destruction of organ systems, and, in a sense, premature wear before the expiration date of the body. That is why a man is as old as his veins. If you have the aforementioned risk factors in your 40s, your veins can live into your 60s even if you don’t look that way. It makes your organs live to be 60, which ultimately makes you live to be 60.”


Emphasizing the need to pay attention to cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Dr. Durukan said: “As a result, you are as old as your veins, so we must pay attention to our cardiovascular health. We need to pay attention to eating healthy, exercising regularly, not smoking, and keeping our blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels at the levels recommended by the experts.

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