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SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Drug use causes very dangerous situations. While it is believed that the harmful effects of drugs appear with long-term use, many drugs cause very harmful effects the very first time they are used. Experts warn against the effects of a zombie drug increasingly used in America.

They shared the dangerous effects of a drug that makes corpses look like zombies, the incidence of which is growing in America. Xylazine, also known as “trunk”, “sedative drug”, and “zombie drug”, can literally decompose the skin of the person using it, with its devastating effects.


Xylazine causes sedative-like symptoms such as severe drowsiness and respiratory depression, as well as raw sores that can become severe and spread rapidly with repeated exposure. Crusted sores that can turn into dead skin, called eschar, can lead to amputation if left untreated.

Because it’s not listed as a controlled substance for animals or humans, “peace” is reduced to a confusing and frightening gray area, and hospitals rarely test it with routine toxicology screenings. Last month, a consumer in Philadelphia suddenly developed xylazine-specific sores near opioid injection sites.

“I woke up in the morning crying because my hands were dying,” Tracy McCann, 39, told the New York Times. The city said 90% of drug samples tested in the lab since 2021 contained xylazine, which, when combined with other banned substances, can increase the risk of overdose. What makes xylazine so appealing, however, is precisely the lethal combination of substances—the effects of an opioid like fentanyl are prolonged by “calmness.”

People with substance use disorders who are addicted to the zombifying drug believe that the resulting substance kills “any joy” that comes with being high.


“Tranq is actually zombifying people’s bodies,” Sam, 28, told Sky News. “Until nine months ago, I had no wounds. Now I have holes in my legs and feet.”

A worrying trend towards “calming down” comes after the New York City Department of Health reported that 2,668 New Yorkers have died of overdose in 2021. Experts warn that xylazine could exacerbate the ongoing drug epidemic.


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