Zuzubak fights for gold!

The herb SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Zuzubak, which grows in the high mountains in Batman’s Sasong district and is said to be beneficial for many ailments, competes with gold. Zuzubak grass, which is used as a seasoning for dishes, finds buyers for a kilogram of a thousand lire. Zuzubak herb, known as a medicinal plant, is selling for less than a thousand lira per kilogram due to reduced sales in the region this year.

Zuzubak grass, which grows on the slopes of the Mereto and Zoveser mountains in the Sason district of Batman and is said to cure many diseases, has become an important source of income for citizens living in mountain villages. Zuzubak grass, which is mainly used by locals as a seasoning for dishes, this year finds buyers for a kilogram of 1000 lira due to the reduction of the region.


Fersende Soyasal, one of the townspeople who said that the herb Zuzbak is very healing, said: “We grind this herb with salt and use it as a seasoning. We drink it on purpose, adding it to ayran. In all languages ​​it is known as zuzubak. Grows in rocky areas at higher elevations. It doesn’t grow everywhere. One kilogram is a thousand lire. It is located in the highest mountains of Sason. It has a very pleasant aroma. When you join a meal, the smell of the food is also very pleasant. It is ground with rock salt and eaten as a condiment. It is a very medicinal plant,” he said.


The toothbrush is a plant also known as Plectranthus barbatus. It belongs to the mint family and grows in places like Africa, Asia, and India. The herb Zuzubak, which is used in some areas of traditional medicine, is believed to have positive effects, especially on heart health. The plant, which is also used in some dietary supplements, is believed to help in the weight loss process. However, due to the limited number of scientific studies, it is not possible to obtain a definite result.


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